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3141 Westgate Mall
Fairview Park, OH, 44126
United States

Independent hairstylist and makeup artist in greater Cleveland Ohio area specializing in wedding/bridal hair and makeup and balayage hair color technique.


You Asked

Where do you work and what is Salon Lofts?
Great question!  Salon Lofts is a revolutionary set up for a small beauty business.  It's a place which houses around 30 independently owned hair salons and spas, and I happen to be one of them.  There are no receptionists, managers or anyone else you'd expect to come across by at a traditional hair salon. All you get is me :)  After 5 years of being open, I'm starting to lose count of how many people have specifically told me how much more they prefer this type of a salon versus a traditional kind.  

Upon your arrival, with out having to check in with anyone and wondering if your stylist is aware of your presence, you just come directly to my room, #4 and make yourself at home.  It's a comfortable and private environment that will put you at ease and help me focus on your needs alone with out any distractions.  If for some reason I still have a customer in my room, you're welcome to have a seat in one of the spacious waiting areas and I'll come and get you as soon as possible.

I'd like to make a hair appointment over the phone.  I've called but you didn't pick up?

Do you remember the days without call waiting? Ok.. maybe you're too young for that but, think of the online booking as me having call waiting.  Correction, it's better than that! Now you have my schedule at your finger tips!  Forget about playing phone tag and wondering if you got the time option that fits your schedule best.  With my super user friendly online scheduling system you can book any appointment at any time.  Seriously, I have had bookings come through at 3am and 5am.  And the best part, you'll get an immediate text and email  confirmation, and a 24hr reminder before your appointment so you would't have to worry about missing it.

Do you have a cancellation or no-show policy?

I kindly ask, please be respectful of my time and give me at least 24hr notice if you can't make it to your appointment.  Last minute cancellations are almost impossible to fill in and as you've already read above, I work for myself; no clients - no dinner.  If you don't show or cancel with less time than I ask, you will be charged 50% of the grand total that you would have paid.  The fine will automatically be applied during your next visit.

I read somewhere that I should leave my hair dirty before I get it colored.  In fact, I'm sure the dirtier I leave it, the better the color will turn out.

Here's the thing: back in the day, hair color was formulated with much stronger chemicals which would sometimes irritate the scalp.  So this myth came out that if your hair was greasy then it would act as a cushion and avoid irritation.  Since then, the regulations have changed and today's formulas are more gentle and don't cause any discomfort, unless you're allergic to it.  (In that case, you shouldn't be getting any color.) 
Back to the "dirty story"! The scalp produces oils that coat the skin and hair and act as a protective shield against any harm.  After about one to two days, we get access oils which need to be shampooed out.   If your hair is past that period than save yourself and your stylist some grief and wash your hair the day of your appointment.  Most of all, please spare the details of what and where your hair has been through.  (Yes, I have seen buggers in peoples hair.) Ahh!!! 

I'm getting my hair styled for an event, when should I wash my hair?  My friend said it's better to have dirty hair.

Seriously, what's with this dirty trend?! I'm sensing someone is trying to set me up.. A skilled stylist can work with any clean, dry hair and can utilize products or hot tools to give your hair texture and hold.  On the contrary, overly oily hair won't hold it's shape. It's simply too slippery, weighed down and will separate.  If you come in with wet hair, you may be charged extra for the time spent on drying your hair. Best thing is to have it clean with some mousse.   

I love finding pictures on Pinterest and Instagram to show my stylist exactly how I want my hair to look!

Although I love it when my customers bring in pictures because they can be worth a thousand words, please remember one thing: EVERYTHING on the web is altered.  In fact, even before the picture is photoshopped or edited, the image is already not real looking because of all of the little details that make a great image.  Those details are: lighting, angle, flash, shadows, facial features and most of all,  no matter how you look at it, you're only seeing one side.  So, keep those pictures and in fact bring them in but, only as an inspiration versus an exact result.

I love the latest coloring trend I'm seeing on celebrities: balayage, babylights, sombré, etc.  Why does it take so long to achieve?

If you're no stranger to haircoloring and now desire to go lighter on the ends with your color, your hair needs extra TLC.  To begin with, ends are more fragile than the rest of the hair and if they have been colored numerous times, it's going to be harder to lighten them up.  It requires time and patience if you still want to have any hair left.  Sometimes it can take up to 4 appointments to achieve the final result.  Even with celebrities, you'll find their hair going trough a transitional stage and the ones that change it in one day end up with a bob or a pixie. Ex: Miley Cyrus, Kim Kardashian and Katie Perry.  Khloe Kardashian is the perfect example of the slow transition it requires to get the hair so light.

Do I really have to buy the hair care products that you recommend at your salon? I use Tresemmé and Pantene and seem to be just fine.

Image going to a farm-to-table restaurant and asking for your meal to be prepared with processed food instead and thinking it carries the same nutritional value.